Learn how to upgrade the RAM of your Laptop yourself.


Many a times it happens when our Computer/Laptops require more RAM(Random Access Memory) to run a program, and that's the time we need to change or upgrade our current RAM chip to a newer and of more memory. What if we will be able to change it by on our own? We will get succeeded in saving a considerable amount to expenses done on asking an expert to change it for us and all that headache and mess. This post deals with simple & easy steps on how to change/upgrade our RAM ourself.

Mostly, when we plan to upgrade our RAM's the main reasons are- (i) Playing high definition games which requires much more memory than that of those free and low memory games. (ii) and another is for buiding impression between friends and colleagues who have PC's with higher configurations.
For using multiple programs at a time, one should buy at least a RAM of 1GB or higher for gaming purposes.

Below are the steps on how to do it:

1) Disconnect your Laptop from charging, and remove the Laptop's battery now. Also remove other external cables like modem, usb connection etc. (Make sure you had shut down the system before performing these steps!)

2) Now, on the back side of your Laptop, search for the location of RAM (that is not a very difficult step for the one who uses the same lappy from months or years) and simply unscrew the RAM cover with a compact screw driver.

3) Now, remove the old RAM chip from the RAM module of your Laptop.

4) Then simply fix the new RAM chip to the same RAM module and make sure you have locked it nicely.

5) Now, close the back cover(RAM cover) of your Laptop.

6) Fix the battery again, and now turn ON your Laptop.

7) You're done!

Yeah, it is that simple.

Note: Mainly there are given two RAM slots on Computers where one remain vacant. So, if your Laptop too is having two RAM slots, then don't get confused and simply use the one which was already in use from before.

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