Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Big Breasted Birds are birds who can sleep while flying, say German scientists

For how many days can you stay without taking a sleep? Most probably, you can force yourself to remain awake for a day or two, compromising your health and looking sleepy all the time when you are awake. Well, that’s the limit of most humans, animals, mammals and birds too. But wait... because that is not the case with Frigate birds, aka Big Breasted Birds. 

Camera was not where you were looking for it. Clicked.
 A study conducted by the scientists of Max Plank Institute for Ornithology has brought up this shocking revelation about Big Breasted Birds. Initially, the mystery was to reveal how these birds keep themselves awake and flying without taking a nap for about 2 long months.

On further study, it was observed that these birds are capable of taking sleep while they fly. Sounds weird, right?

Love is on the branch.
What if they collide with another bird or a building while flying? Why do not they fell down when they are asleep in mid air? It is obvious to have all these questions running in our minds while learning about FrigateBirds.

Well, that was also the case with German scientists who were involved in this study. They found that these birds have this special ability to take sleep in fragments. While flying up above in the air, they go to sleep for 10 to 12 seconds, several times and that is how they complete their sleep without sleeping for hours, days and even many months.
For sure, it is their brain which plays a vital role in their ability to sleep in parts. A part of their brain always remains conscious to help them fly when they are asleep and also to wake them up at time. During their flight, these birds are found to take 41 minutes sleep every day, which is again a shocking fact about Frigate birds.

Continue Reading to find some quick facts and pictures of the Frigate bird-

Good pose, buddy.
Fact #1: Frigatebirds are Carnivorous birds with fishes and crabs as their primary food.
Fact #2: They can fly with a speed up to 15 km per hour.

Fact #3: They are called as Big Breasted Birds for having an extra large red colored throat.

A Male Frigate bird flaunting its 56-inch red chest (fun)

Fact #4: They mostly live around coasts and islands, thus are called sea birds.

Fact #5: Eggs are laid by Frigate birds after a year or two which further take as long as 9 months for the offspring to take birth. As a co-incidence, human offspring also take around 9 months to born.

Fact #6: Chances are that you may spot a Frigate bird or two if you are in Indian Ocean, Atlantic Ocean or Pacific Ocean.
Frigate birds in much love.
Fact #7: Sea Turtles are also in the food menu of Frigate birds.

Fact #8: By size, they are birds with long wingspan.

This is love.

Fact #9: The Male and Female Frigate birds can be differentiated easily as the Male birds have red coloured throats.

Face #10: As many other bird types, they too prefer to live in colonies.

Face #11: Unlike other birds that can fly, Frigate birds spend most of their lifespan flying in the air.

Preparing to fly? Maybe.
Fact #12: Male Frigate birds don’t stay to protect or rear the eggs till the offspring to come out. Mostly, they will stay for a month or two with the Female Frigate Bird and leave, after which the Female bird is on her own with the eggs. Kind of Betraying? Well, maybe.

The big fat frigate bird.
That's a pretty huge throat. How loud do you chirp with that buddy?

#Bonus Fact: Charles Darwin has named these birds as “the condor of the ocean”.

(Image credits to the original sources: WikiMedia.Org, photoshelter, galapagosexpeditions.com, wordpress/fishoncomputer, bio.uci.edu, a-z-animals.com. Sincere thanks to the respective sources)

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Friday, August 19, 2016

Now Lipstick Usage Can Make You Sick, reports NY Times

Have you ever wondered that your regular beauty products like lipstick, gloss, shampoo and deodorants can give you bad health? Well, that is what a recent report from New York Times had to say on this.

 As reported, there have been numerous cases in America where people who used beauty products suffered from health problems like sickness, hair loss, skin rashes and pimples. While a little makeover and hairdo enhance the beauty you always had, overlong usage of these products can cause damage to your skin cells and overall health.

Scientists even suggest to do use them as less as possible because using such products for a long time may get you cancer.

Recently, an American beauty products’ company (name not revealed to us) has been flooded with more than 20 thousand complaints from their regular customers, complaining for the rashes and pimples caused to their skin after using their lipsticks and products.

Well, this was the thing with just one company or one brand, but as we say, prevention is always better than cure. By echoing this report, we would like to suggest our readers to not just go for any new beauty product by seeing its cover. All the handsome men and more beautiful women must do a double check on the beauty products being used by them.

Forgive us for not going into much detail on this matter, as this blog not being a beauty blog. We still managed to keep this post to rest in our Science section.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Children with long living Parents also have longer lifespan; says a British research (REPORT)

If a recent research as published in Journal of the American College of Cardiology (JACC) to be believed, the children whose parents have lived a longer, healthier life also live longer.

As reported in JACC, the overall lifestyle and quality of food taken by parents leaves a huge impact on their children. It has been revealed that if parents will longer, so will their children.

The research conducted on over 2 million people suggested that parents living longer lives have their children also live as long as 70 years, with a healthy state of body and mind.

Children whose parents have died early in their lives may also have the risk of having a short lifespan, as claimed by the researches of JACC. Such children are usually more prone to health issues including High Blood pressure, Strokes and Heart Attack.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

San Francisco youngster shot dead while playing Pokémon Go in Local Park

Ever since the Pokémon Go game has been released, it has created a real buzz, worldwide. Even in the countries where it has not been released, people are trying their luck to anyhow install and run the game on their Smartphone. But, with Pokémon Go have arrived an increased number of accidents and disasters where the addictive gamer are meeting with accidents or entering into prohibited areas of their countries.

Now has came another sad incident where two friends from San Francisco were out of home, playing Pokemon Go in a local park while a bullet coming from nowhere shot one of them dead. The guy who got killed had visited his friend and the two of them were just having fun, trying to catch new Pokemons, least did they know that the life of one of the two will come to an end, unexpectedly.

As reported by the other guy (his friend), they were just playing Pokémon Go and were excited to find more Pokemon while a bullet was shot from somewhere and killed his friend.

Blame the wrong time, wrong location, the Pokémon game, their addiction for it or whatever, such accidents with Pokémon Go gamers is becoming everyday news. And the incidents that have happened so far should be all enough for Pokémon Go gamers to not compromise with their safety while getting addicted to the game.

(Image credits to the original sources: pixabay store)

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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Everything you should know about Google’s DeepMind division for Artificial Intelligence

As well known to us, the major search engine giant Google is lot more than a search engine. Till now, we have been presented with different mind-blowing technologies by Google such as Google Mail, Blogger, Google Sites, Maps, Google Drive and Google Plus. But did you know what is Google DeepMind? Please continue reading as that is what we will be talking about in this article.
Google DeepMind logo (http://topicswhatsoever.blogspot.com/)

Let’s start with a basic yet necessary list of three good queries we will be exploring about:

  • ·      What is DeepMind?

  • ·      What do they do at Google DeepMind division?

  • ·      How is it useful to Google and the World?


DeepMind is a dedicated division for Artificial Intelligence, that was acquired by Google in 2014 for about $500 Million and is presently owned by Google under its Parent Alphabet Inc.
DeepMind was actually founded by Demis Hassabis, Shane Legg and Mustafa Suleyman.

“Solve Intelligence” as they state in blue on the DeepMind website.


DeepMind works on developing better algorithms for machine learning or automatic learning. More than a hundred researchers work on DeepMind labs to develop AI that is highly capable of multitasking as well as decision making.

Let’s understand their goal by reading the below statement from their official website,

“We founded DeepMind to solve intelligence and use it to make the world a better place by developing technologies that help address some of society's toughest challenges.”


Google also works to implement the new DeepMind algorithms to improve its other products.

So far, as it is known to us, their technology and algorithms have been used by Google for better image recognition. Photographic suggestions while searching for people and things ‘as we type’ also used algorithms developed at DeepMind.

With the implementation of DeepMind, the photo suggestions are displayed after automatically making connections between people. That means, you may or may not have put these photos together at one place or with one tag, but their advanced algorithm decide it for itself on the go.

DeepMind had earlier developed smart AI that had it learned how to play the classic Atari video games itself in which it reached levels human players may not match. So far, it has been successful in beating human champions in mind games. 

Google DeepMind logo (http://topicswhatsoever.blogspot.com/)

DeepMind founder Suleyman says, “These are systems that learn automatically. They’re not pre-programmed, they’re not handcrafted features. We try to provide a large set of raw information to our algorithms as possible so that the systems themselves can learn the very best representations in order to use those for action or classification or predictions.”  

So in layman terms, we may understand that DeepMind works on developing AIs that are smart, self learning, intelligent and better than ever.

# DeepMind Health

This is another sub-division where DeepMind aims to develop artificial intelligence to support the medical field. It works on developing scalable technologies that could be beneficial to both clinicians and their patients.

As quoted by them,

“the National Health Service is hugely important to our team. The NHS helped bring many of us into the world, and has looked after our loved ones when they've most needed help. We want to see the NHS thrive.”


“It was clear to us that we should focus on healthcare because it’s an area where we believe we can make a real difference to people’s lives across the world.”

Their healthcare projects like AKI and Hark are still under development and we can expect them to be of huge help in the medical field in the near future.

If you are interested to read the latest stuff going on DeepMind projects, please remain updated with the official website of DeepMind.

You can also look into and experiment with their open-source projects at GitHub/DeepMind

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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Are you safe on shared WiFi internet connection? Know how you can be!

Are you safe on shared WiFi internet connection? Know how you can be!

So you use a WiFi connection to connect your Computer, Tablet or Smartphones to the internet? While using WiFi connectivty for Internet, we need to take extra smart care and security.

Wifi Safety, Internet Safety and Security

Well, we all know why is it necessary: So that someone else may not use for connection and data you had paid for. Moreover, it has many additional risks as we may never know when a breacher may use our WiFi (and obviously our IP address) to do illegal activities beneath our nose. The signals of our office or homely WiFi network may easily go outside the building. In that case, anyone having a WiFi enabled Smartphone or Laptop may use our WiFi connection if we have a weak security.

In this article, we just thought of sharing some basic but very useful and strong tips to secure our WiFi connection from strangers and outsiders.

* Basically, the WiFi routers do not come with WPA or WEP encryption enabled. If you have not enabled this encryption, this is the time.

* Change the Default Administrator password and username to the one of your choice. Many of the WiFi password hacking apps come with a library default passwords of most routers, which can make it even easier for the outsider to break your security. 

How to secure Wifi

* Make your password H@rD2cR@©kk (Hard to Crack). Always use a password that is hard to be guessed and make it alphanumeric. Many WiFi hacking apps are capable of knowing your password when it is written in just simple abc form, while an alphanumeric password may take longer to be known and is nearly impossible to be known. So mind it.

* You can ensure your safety by keep changing your SSID within a few days or month. It may not help you completely but can at least get you away from an outsider who is targeting your WiFi but doesn't know your MAC address.

* Connections to unknown devices can be prevented with the use of MAC filtering feature.

* You can even use Firewall on your routers and all other devices. 

* You can make a clever move by locating your router at such place from where the signal may not penetrate your own building.

Wifi Safety - Turn Off the WiFi Routers when not in use

* Always turn off your routers when you do not need it. 

So these are some simply useful tips which can help us create a wall between our WiFi and the strange, unknown users/devices. So the next time when we hear about a hack scam in news or feel a sudden drop in our bandwidth, we know we are safe and none other than the owner (you) is stealing our bandwidth or WiFi internet

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Firechat: Your free social messaging and chat app that works without Internet.

Firechat: Your free social messaging and chat app that works without Internet.

The messaging has been fun and more mobile with the unlimited apps and thousands of awesome developers. So you want to have extra fun and socialism with you Android and iPhone? Firechat app by Open Garden company is one such app which let's you send messages without any Internet connection, SMS or USSD's.

The Firechat app actually works on a peer-to-peer, mesh networking technology, that allows you to connect with any other Firechat enabled device within a range of 200 ft, as the company says.

Snartphone users from worldwide are already enjoying this app, so what are you waiting for? If you also want to try this completely free chat service cum application, it can be downloaded from opengarden.com right away.

So far, it is available for iPad, iPhone, Tablet and Android users.

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