Beware of Hackers: They can get into your brain in no time.


Believe it or not, but scientists have claimed that it is not that difficult to get into a human brain. They said: a technology worth a few thousand dollars, can retrieve useful information out from the person’s brain, through hacking. This article deals with the brief descrition about this brain hacking technology issue.

BCI: Off the Self Emotive brain.

The group of scientists and researchers from  ‘University of Oxford’,  ‘Geneva and University of California, Burkley’ have shown the demo of this human brain hacking technology with the help of ‘Off the Self-Emotive Brain Computer Interface(B.C.I.)’.

 This technology gets ready to use in some thousand dollars. In the experiment, the people were made set before a computer screen and said to wear a head piece on their ears. And it was really amazing and shocking to see that just by punching some buttons on keyboard, there were images of  the maps storing the places, bank account details, pin codes and passwords on the computer’s screen. The researchers then tracked the ‘P300’ signal of human brains, which takes out several important information with it, when made attracted in a positive/working manner. The scientists then tried to find some useful details related to the person, by collecting and examining the reports received during the experiments, and founded that the people who had wore the BCI headset, were continuously sending information to the computer, as a result for which the details and useful information etc could be easily tracked through this technology.

The Human Brain can be attacked in the ultimately advanced manner, says Discovery News.

The Discovery News channel said from the points of Scientist, that the results of this research tells that human brains can be attacked by this technology in the most advanced manner of Science and Technology.  Several information can be taken out of someone’s brain by simply engaging him/her in a ‘Mind game’.
Scientists said: “As per the Science & Technologies and Electronic devices are getting more advanced, the risks and possibility of successful attacks is also getting increased with time”.

There are several  merits and demerits of such technologies in human life-

On a side, it extends risks that the passwords of your various e-mails and social networking sites are in a great danger, and your information will be easily stolen, perhaps all without letting even you know about it. But it may also be helpful in the treatment of the patients suffering/experiencing memory loss or weak memory problems.

Suppose, you are passing by a street or a building, and the advanced camera there is scanning all your brain for useful information like your personal locker's password, your bank account details and everything in that single second of time. Isn't that freaking? One won't be able to even come out of their houses then!

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