Life on Earth was originated from Mars, said Scientists with new proofs

Are we aliens? Where did the life originated from? Does life on Earth has any link to the life on Mars, the Red planet? Well, we can start thinking on it as the scientists from Italy have claimed that the life had come from Mars on our Earth, with proofs.

Life on Earth originated from Mars photo [Image credit- Flickr, BlueDharma]

While it has always been mystery about who are us how did life originated at the first on our Blue planet, some scientists from Italy have come with provable proofs for the origination of Life from Mars to the Earth.

The research has been present in Goldsmith function which was organized in Florence, Italy recently. According to the results of this research, the life on the Earth had been originated from a giant asteroid which had come from the Red planet (Mars) itself.

An American scientist, Professor Steven who is linked to the research told to the media that their team has found enough proofs that the most important atoms and constituents for the life-on-the-Earth were developed on Mars.

Professor Steven belongs to Westheemer Institute of Science and Technology which is situated in Gansville, America.

Now, a humanly vision on the research

Life on Earth-Mars photo [Image source- Dailymail]
  • Have you ever wondered why life only originated on Earth while our solar system had other plants too?
  • How come an asteroid travel from Mars to the Earth without a pre-planned and pre-targeted aim?
  • If the asteroid from Mars was responsible for the life on the Earth; were they aliens who had sent it to the Earth?
  • Cannot it be taken as another sign than life has been existed on planets else than Earth since past?

While we can only shot a number of unanswered questions, we have no idea if the aliens or Space itself is planning to shower more life on other Earth-like planets in the solar system or galaxy. Also, if the origination of life was only possible due to an asteroid from another planet, we can always wonder the probability of the existence of life on other planets when there are so many planets in the Universe and the space is infinite.
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