The God particle; and things to know about Higgs Boson

God particle is a sub-atomic particle (also known as ‘Higgs Boson’) which is responsible for proving mass of the matter. It is known that the weight of a body depends on the presence of gravitation while the mass always remains same, be it on Earth or any other planet or moon. In this article, I am going to talk on God particle; what is God particle/Higgs Boson and how it was named so. Also, some important results that have been obtained by the continued research and help of ‘The Large Hadron Collider’ can be read here.

What is God Particle? Why the Higgs boson matters?

The God Particle (or Higgs boson) is a sub-atomic particle discovered by CERN, is considered to an important particle responsible for the mass of matter and a building block of the Universe. It is believed to be the mass provider or a strong constituent of matter which contributes in the mass and various other properties of matter (solid, liquid, gas). According to Layman’s theory, a variety of sub-atomic particles play a main role to enrich the matter with different properties.

An animated representation of Higgs boson, the God Particle in Large Hadron Collider (Image credit: CERN)

The Higgs boson was named after the name of Peter Higgs, the man who gave the idea of mass providing sub-atomic particles. The Higgs boson is also known as ‘The God Particle’ on the title of a book ‘The God Particle: If the Universe Is the Answer, What Is the Question?’ by Leon Leaderman and Dick Teresi (a science writer). Leon Leaderman is a Nobel Prize winning physicist who called it an important reason for the existence of Universe. However, its name having ‘God’ does not relate it to any kind of religious matters. It is believed that the secrets of Higgs boson will unfold the mystery of formation of Universe and Life on the Earth.

Text from a public report by CERN on the discovery of Higgs boson (Text source: CERN)

Currently, the research and tests are undergoing to know and understand more about ‘Higgs boson’ with the help of Large Hadron Collider, in Switzerland. What is it? It has been described below…

What is Large Hadron Collider?

The ‘Large Hadron Collider’ is an advanced particle accelerometer planted in border Switzerland and France. Scientists are using the particle accelerometer to reveal and understand more secrets and complexity of ‘The God Particle’. The term ‘Hadron’ stands for the beam of high energy sub-atomic particles which can be protons or lead ions. Two beams of Hadrons are blasted at each-other for collision inside an underground pipeline, known as collider, in order to observe and reveal more about the Higgs boson. These high energy collisions results into the momentary existence of Higgs boson proving it really exists. The scientists from CERN (The European Organization for Nuclear Reasearch) have been working on the ‘Large Hadron Collider’.

Muons (red lines) fly out from a collision in this event display from the CMS detector (Image: CMS/CERN) (Image and Caption credit: CERN)

Earlier, the American scientists had been using the particle accelator, the Fermalib Tevatron collider located near Batavia, Illinois since years. The Fermalib Tevatron collider was discontinued by the ‘Department of Energy’ due to low budget trouble. The book, ‘The God Particle: If Universe is the answer, what is the question?’ was published in 1993 by Leaderman for the same reason to ask support from the US government and create awareness about the importance of knowing the mysteries of sub-atomic particles and the Universe.

What if Higgs Boson did not exist?

If we believe the scientists, Higgs boson is reason for mass in matter or it is the mass of the matter itself. If Higgs boson did not exist, they may have been only photons and mass-less particles. Everything that existed was supposed to be super speedy as light.

In such a condition, the living species present today on the Earth may not have ever existed. No living species (including Homo sapiens sapiens) or man-made constructions on the Earth may have remained alive or in the state they were built as. In ever simpler words, we can take it as a Universe where the activities expected to happen in a trillion years may have happened in couple of days.

Therefore, Higgs boson is referred as ‘The God Particle’ and is very important for the existence of Life and whatever is present in the Universe or the Space.

Is Higgs boson particle related to time and time travel? Can it take the Earth to an end?

We may think so! Yes, since we have became familiar with the term ‘Higgs boson’, many scientists and physicist have claimed the Higgs boson an element of time or something that may influence time-space curve resulting into a time traveling portal. In 2010, the Large Hadron Collider, which is being used to find and observe the existence of Higgs boson, had been in media for some strange reasons. Why? A differently dressed man, named Eloi Cole, had been caught near the Large Hadron Collider. His dressing was too alien to believe if he was from the present time or a near-by country. He told the physicist and police that he has come from future to stop research undergoing the Large Hadron Collider for the Higgs boson. In his future, the Higgs boson had been successfully found and had changed almost everything in the human world, as said by Mr. Eloi Cole. When he was asked about the country he came from, he replied strangely as he is from a time where countries no exist. He even said, the results of this research will be very harmful and he has come to stop it before the bad happen.

The strangely dressed man ‘from future’, also said that he had visited to our time after the first successful circulation of proton beams in the mouth ring of Large Hadron Collider too. He said himself the reason for the failure in LHC which had taken place after the 9 days of LHC’s first successful testing [Read more about Large Hadron Collider]. He had been here to again put the LHC out of order so that nothing harmless will happen. After his strange answers to Police’s question, he had been to a mental asylum and then another astonishing incident happened. Mr. Eloi Cole, the time traveler disappeared from where he was. Since then, he was never seen or found anywhere, nor does anyone find any records of Mr. Cole anywhere. What will you say on it? Where did the strange man disappear? Cannot it be doubted as Higgs boson and particle acceleration is much more than what we know about it?

It was not the only issue of time travelling; there have been many more people around the globe who claimed they travelled in past or future. A US based lawyer is even fighting his case to prove that he had been sent into time traveling vortices to travel back in time. Basiago, the lawyer has even shown a photo where he has been shot by the camera in a time when he was not born.

Well, all these stories really create a new interest and thirst in us to know more about the mysteries and relation of Higgs boson with the Universe as well as the Time. Whatever be the findings about Higgs boson, we can just wish it will be for the betterment and safety of humanity and our Blue planet.
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