What are Super-giant stars?

The most massive stars out in the space are termed as Super giants or Supergiant stars. Are you eager to know more about Supergiants? Read this article to know more about these stars.

Super-giants – the super massive stars have masses varying from 10 to 70 solar masses or even more and brightness ranging from thirty thousands to many hundreds of thousands times the solar luminosity. Their radii may vary from thirty to five hundred or as more as one thousand plus solar radii.

An original picture of red super giant from hubble space telescope (topicswhatsoever.blogspot.in)

They are of short lifespan of only ten to fifty millions years because of their extreme masses. They are observed in young cosmic structures (the spiral galaxies’ arms, open clusters and irregular galaxies etc).

Some currently known Super-giants in terms of physical size, however, not the most massive stars in terms of mass or/and luminosity are:
  • VV Cephei
  • V354 Cephei
  • KW Sagitarii
  • KY Cygni
  • The Garmet Star
  • Mu Cephei

 [Source: Wikipedia and WWW]
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