Sign/Possibilities of Life on other planets: Are scientists hiding something big from us?


This article is all about the existence of alien life forms on planets other than Earth. It shares about our achievements in knowing the mysteries of space and some planets where scientists have claimed the possibilities of life. Read this article to know more on  the presence of aliens on other planets and moon and if they as intelligent as human species.

Are we alone in this vast and infinite Space?

The Universe is as vast as out of our thoughts and imaginations. There may be more than thousands of galaxies, and millions of planets in this infinite Universe, and our Earth is only one of those infinite planets. If we think it this way, then a question often comes into our mind that are we alone in this Universe? I think ‘No!’ If there can be life on Earth, then why cannot on other planets? As the atmosphere on Earth is suitable for our survival, Why cannot it be possible that other life forms would be surviving in the atmosphere present on their planetsBelieve me; our scientists have been searching for the same answers since many years.

Are we alone in the Universe?

With our continuous success and failures during inventing advanced probes, satellites and telescopes, we have known many things about the space and discovered a large number of planets around the Blue planet. We have been to Moon, and have sent several satellites and robots to space to solve the unsolved mysteries of Universe.

Below are some planets and natural satellites/moon(s) where alien life forms may be present according to Scientists:

The Earth’s Moon

The Moon is the only natural satellite of Earth. The researches so far has shown some proofs of presence of water and ice on Moon. Till the date, several satellites and human-piloted spaceships have been sent to the Moon for studying the surface and matter on the Moon. Being closest to the Earth, Moon has always remained a most suspected planet where the possibilities of life can be imagined by the human.

Mars – The Red Planet

Mars comes at 4th number in the series of planets in our solar system. It is the nearest planet to the Earth, that scientists are crawling for the signs of alien life forms after the Earth's Moon. This planet is said to be much similar to our Earth. In 1970, it had already been claimant by space scientist about the presence of water and other materials required for life on Mars, while another research done by ‘Phinix Mars Lander’ said about the basic nature of the soil on Mars. Recently, the presence of methane and formaldehyde had also been noticed in Mars by Mars orbiters. The American space agency, NASA has already sent their advanced satellite Curiosity Rover to Mars to study the environment and chemistry of the red planet's surface/ Some other photos clicked by NASA’s satellites had also shown that some very strong and huge rivers were present on the Mars long years ago.

Some photos sent by NASA’s Curiosity Rover had shown some lightning and shiny object that was moving or dancing at some distance from the satellite. Some scientists had said it was a spot on Curiosity Rover’s camera lens, but who knows what was the truth behind it? As far as we know, the spots on camera’s lens do not usually glitter and dance.
So far, with studies and research on Mars, scientists have claimed the signs of Life on Mars.

The Titan

It is the biggest moon of Saturn. The proof of water on the surface of Titan has already been found. In 2011, the scientists from NASA had claimed the presence of aliens on Titan. The data received by NASA’s Cassini probe has revealed the chemistry on Saturn’s biggest moon.

Image of Titan - Saturn's biggest moon | Image credit: NASA photojournal

Crators on Titan's surface - Saturn's biggest moon | Image credit: NASA photojournal

Scientists have claimed the clues for presence of aliens who are living on the Titan since a long time. While scientists are not fully sure about the alien life on Titan, they have said Titan as the only moon of Saturn having a dense and different atmosphere. Experts also think that creatures may be surviving on the planet, breathing and consuming energy in the planet’s atmosphere.

Glees 581

The planet Glees 581 was founded in 2007 and was said to be many times bigger than our Earth. This planet is situated outside our Solar System. A team of scientists from Switzerland has already claimed for the presence of water and life on this planet.

HD 189733b

HD 189733 is another alien planet that is considerably too hot to meet the conditions favorable of life. But scientist have shown doubts if some another type of life forms may be existing on such planets that have abilities to survive in such hot conditions.

Scientists have already found some creatures from Earth itself, which are able to remain alive in the vacuum of space. It really fires the thoughts of scientists that alien life forms may exist on other planets.

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Are scientists hiding something from us?

While scientists are continuously researching over the alien life forms on other planets, rumors have always been heard that scientists are hiding the real truth from us. It is very much clear that if someday we will come to know that we are not alone in the Universe, or if aliens themselves are a reason for our origination, then our thoughts and thinking may become something different. Several times, the rumors and news of aliens arrival has been in the air and later, all the proofs and signs are removed from the spot, leaving a similar statement for us that ‘it was just an asteroid fallen from outer space or a result of human activities’. But, it is quite uneasy to digest that the eye-witnesses changed their statements suddenly. It may be possible that it had been kept hidden from us by governments and scientists of several countries.

Do Aliens kidnap us to do research and studies on Human beings?

Do Scientists and Government keep secrets about Aliens from us?

What if they have already found the bodies of alien creatures on these spots and are doing various researches on it since a long time? What could be the real reason behind hiding the biggest secrets about aliens from us?

Do aliens come to Earth?

It has always been in news that aliens do come to our Earth from time to time. If we will go back in the past, we may find a lot of people who have claimed the presence of aliens on the Earth. The rumors about alien ships and UFOs are not at all an unknown/unheard thing for us. Some people even claim that they were kidnapped by a group of aliens and the aliens had done a lot of researches and operations in their body for several years and later they (human) were sent back to their places. After talking with their relatives and neighbors, it was proved that they had disappeared for years and when they returned, some operation marks and stitches were found all over their bodies.

Do Aliens keep visiting to the Earth? Why?

Some of the victims(kidnapped and operated by the aliens and later left on the Earth again) including both men and women said that aliens were doing something with their reproductive system. A victim said that they took out the human semen out of his testis for their researches. Another women said that she was made laid on a bed or ground and all surround by those alien creatures, some aliens operated her and they were doing something with her reproductive system, which she felt as they were producing ovum inside her for some months and repeatedly and used to take it out after a certain period of time.

Now the question arises that ‘What were they doing by operating the human bodies?’. Most of the people, who claim as they have been kidnapped by the aliens, were found totally unknown of where were they and what were they doing since this long period of time. The fact of being kidnapped and operated by aliens was only known after they were hypnotized by expert Hypnotists. While all these happenings are termed as rumors or mysteries by the scientists, there are some scientists who believe if aliens had sown the seeds of wisdom in human species.

How do the aliens look like?

If we collect the data from all over the World about the people who had claimed about seeing a giant, demon or simply say an alien creature, one thing that was very common among all the stories was the description of the alien creature! All of them says that the creature was short heightened, was having a very small and thin body(small hands, small legs, chest, tiny face, bigger and shiny crystal eyes) except their head. Their head was found considerably bigger than their other parts. Scientists have said the possibility that the aliens may be so much advanced that their big and powerful brain is their most precious property and they may so much able that they do not need to do any of their job physically. Their technology is so advanced that we humans may be no where in the race of development.

What if the Aliens are Human beings from future? Are you ready to digest such a fact?

Now, I am going to share a most shocking and mysterious possibility with everyone! I would like to connect and relate the anatomy and description of their body with the cases of human kidnapping/researches in which they are considered to be involved. It may be possible that they were putting some advanced seeds or genes into our reproductive system for the faster development, increased intelligence and betterment of human beings. But, I want to put some light on the "third" side of the coin! Because I personally think that the aliens may have visited to the Earth to find a solution or say a 'treatment' for their weakness. As it has been mentioned everywhere that their head part was massive and bigger but the other parts of body were very small, so it may have some possibilities that they visited to Earth to take human sperm and ovum with them, in order to test it with their own reproductive organs. They may be finding a treatment to be physically stronger, and they chose the homo sapiens (human beings) after seeing us as the most intelligent, and physically developed species on the Earth, which resembles to their body also. I also have a doubt, if they are no one, but human beings from the future as claimed by some great scientist and astronauts. It may be possible that their species has now reached to a point near to the end, and hence, some of the most intelligent aliens(or human beings) from future were sent to the Earth(of Past - for them) to bring healthy ovum and sperm from here.

How you would be feeling if you come to know that aliens gave us wisdom and intelligence that makes us unique from any other life form on the Earth? No doubt, they are better and more intelligent and mentally stronger than us. But, what if now they have came to the Earth to find a way for removing their physical weakness?

The achievements of Humans in resolving the mysteries of space

Humans are involved in studying the outer space and discovering new planets since many years. But, as a matter of fact, the information and knowledge we have collected by our continuous studies and researches is very less with respect to this ‘never ending Universe’. The presence of alien creatures on other planets has always a matter of attention for all the human beings. While scientists have not limited their research to a single solar system or galaxy, they have discovered several planets that are similar to the size of our Earth and they have shown the possibilities of life forms in these planets.

Scientists have even said about the possibilities of presence of such life forms on other planets that are not made of carbon element and may not need water for their survival. Some planets where life forms may exist are so far from the Earth as presently it is impossible for us to reach these planets. Scientists are working continuously to develop better probes, spaceships and satellites to reach these planets.
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