NASA's Curiosity finds unidentified shiny object on Mars surface

 NASA’s Curiosity Rover which had been sent to Red planet for searching the chances of life, and similarities between Earth and Mars, now has found some more interesting things on Mars. Curiosity found some unidentified shiny object on the surface, while collecting the samples of Red Planet’s surface. Rover has found some enough shiny object on the surface of Mars, which can be clearly seen by the pictures sent by Curiosity Rover to NASA. Scientists have different opinions for these shiny unidentified objects, some scientists are taking these objects as some human-made material/object, while other scientist are assuming it as a part of the Red planet itself. After seeing these shiny objects, NASA stated on Wednesday, that Curiosity Rover’s Chemin, which is a special device to check chemical and biological materials, will do more inspection of Mars’s surface to find the truth.

Scientists who are related to Curiosity’s project in California, finally declared that they have seen some shiny objects. NASA’s Scientists have named these unidentified shiny objects as ‘Smutz’. NASA’s scientist have not yet denied from the possibilities of these objects being human made, though most of the scientists are taking it as the metals of Red Planet only, as these are found from the same place from where Rover has collected the samples of Mars surface.

Scientists are also saying that these objects were borken into small parts due to Rover, as these parts are being found in those parts from where Rover had been passed and had made dugs on the surface.
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