What is GodMode and How to enable GodMode feature in Windows Vista/7


This article carries information about GodMode and how to enable GodMode feature in Windows. Sometimes, it becomes hard to find a tool from those hundreds in Control Panel and we need to check every section one after the other, in such situation GodMode provides a brief and listed view of Control Panel tools to make is easy for users to find their desired tools.

What is GodMode?

It is a simple trick or feature provided by Microsoft in their Windows OS’s by which a simple folder can be turned into a shortcut to Control Panel by simply adding a code to it, which on opening gives a sort of listed view of all the sections, sub-sections and sub-sub-sections present in the Control Panel in Windows.

How to enable GodMode mode feature on my Windows computer?

To enable GodMode is as easy as renaming a folder to your desired folder title/name. Actually, it is all about renaming only.

Below are the simple steps on how to use GodMode feature in Windows.

Step 1:Select a location where you want to put a shortcut to all the administrative and setup tools. (Say ‘Desktop’ here)

Now, as you have chosen the location to place the GodMode feature, let’s move to the next step.

Step 2: Now you need to create a new folder, read the rest of the ‘Step 2’ below if you do not know how to create a new folder.

  • ‘Right click’ from your mouse by taking the arrow to anywhere in open space of Desktop.
  • Click on ‘New’ from the drop-down menu and then select/click the ‘Folder’ button.
  • Folder successfully created.

Step 3: Now rename the new folder to “GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} (without using quotes) and hit ‘Enter’.

Step 4: Now you will find that the icon of that folder has been changed from Folder to Control Panel’s icon.

That means you’ve successfully enabled the ‘GodMode’ feature on your folder.

  • Click on GodMode folder to view the contents listed inside it.

Now, you can use this ‘GodMode’ folder to get access to all the tools present in the Control Panel. You can use this feature in different locations of your wish.

How to rename a GodMode folder.

Renaming procedure of the GodMode folder is same as we use to rename a folder’s name to our desired folder name.

To rename, Right click on that folder>Rename>type your desired name for the folder
Simply select the GodMode folder and press ‘F2’ key your keyboard.

How to delete a GodMode folder:

Again, it is as easy as deleting a folder on Windows.
Simply, Right click on the folder>Delete>Click ‘Yes’ in the confirm deletion box.

NOTE: The GodMode feature only works on Windows Vista and Seven. Windows XP users can change the 'View' of Control Panel for their ease.

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