How to get an AdSense account approved faster.


Google AdSense, the most known grape between the people connected to blogging or online World. If one gets his/her AdSense account approved by the Google AdSense team, he or she can get some easy earning for their valuble content and hard work  been done in their website or blog.

But, Wait! When we are talking about AdSense then its not at all an easy task as it looks in our dreams. Nowadays,  Google has became very strict to approve AdSense application and so most of us get disappointment in hands.  So this time I am sharing some useful points which can get your AdSense Approved quickly.
           Choosing a Domain.

If you are serious about your goal, then better use Top-Level Domains (websitename.Com)  instead of a sub-domains (blogname.mainsitename.Com). Most of the website and blog owners says the same, that the one using Top-Level Domain gets his/her account approved sooner and in easier way, while the one using a sub-domain faces more problems of disapproval and long-waitings.

You can buy one(Top-Level) from GoDaddy, Bigrock, BuyDomains etc.

Though, a blog on a domain like BlogSpot or Wordpress can get approved by posting rich and quality content to the blog. There are many such bloggers who are happily earning with their sub-domains(blogs). Well, still better to use a Top-Level Domain.

Design/Format of your website/blog.

The look of your website/blog should be visitor-friendly. Avoid making a rainbow with unsual text or background colour, and do not use too bright or dark colour for background. Remember, a nice format and design can attract more visitors to your website/blog. If the blog looks cheap and ugly, then ultimately the visitor will run far away from your blog and is never going to come back again.

Content of your website/blog.

It is the most important part of your blog which adsense focuses on. A huge quantity of adsense applications are disapproved just because the blog or site has not been made adsense friendly. So, one should always try his/her best to make his blog/website adsense friendly. I suggest, whenever you write about something, make proper use of grammer and punctuations. Always avoid putting extra dots, exclamation sign or question marks etc like-  ( …… , !!! , ???? ). The only key for fast approval is to write good content and take hot topics more.  After posting a minimum of 10 to 15 articles to the blog/website, one can try his/her fate to get approved by adsense. Avoid posting inappropriate or adult content.

Also, the language you use in your blog/website should be an adsense supported language, or you are never going to get your adsense approved! Presently, there are 35 languages which are supported by AdSense,  they are-
Chinese (simplified)
Chinsese (traditional)
Estonian *
Slovenian *

(After getting an approval from AdSense team, one can select his/her primary language or the language he is going to use mainly on the blog or website, so that the AdSense can serve relevant ads with respect to the same).

Filling up an AdSense application.

When filling the form, you must take some extra care while entering your details. Even a small mistake can get your application disapproved by the adsense team. So, check your filled details thrice before submitting it to Google AdSense. It always remains better to get like address etc checked by other adult members of the family to lower the chance of mistakes. Also make sure you have submitted only one application at a time. Those who are re-applying should firstly correct the mistakes or requirements which were mentioned by AdSense at the time of disapproval. Wait atleast a month or two before re-applying.

Google AdSense terms and policies.

Before applying, make sure you have read the terms and policies of Google AdSense carefully. It makes you informative about the stuff you are going to use. Read the Adsense Terms and Conditions now.

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(That is all for now. If you have any suggestions or queries related to this post, ask below in comments
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