Now Lipstick usage can make you sick, reports NY Times

Have you ever wondered that your regular beauty products like lipstick, gloss, shampoo and deodorants can give you bad health? Well, that is what a recent report from New York Times had to say on this.

As reported, there have been numerous cases in America where people who used beauty products suffered from health problems like sickness, hair loss, skin rashes and pimples. While a little makeover and hairdo enhance the beauty you always had, overlong usage of these products can cause damage to your skin cells and overall health.

Scientists even suggest to do use them as less as possible because using such products for a long time may get you cancer.

Recently, an American beauty products’ company (name not revealed to us) has been flooded with more than 20 thousand complaints from their regular customers, complaining for the rashes and pimples caused to their skin after using their lipsticks and products.

Well, this was the thing with just one company or one brand, but as we say, prevention is always better than cure. By echoing this report, we would like to suggest our readers to not just go for any new beauty product by seeing its cover. All the handsome men and more beautiful women must do a double check on the beauty products being used by them.
Forgive us for not going into much detail on this matter, as this blog not being a beauty blog. We still managed to keep this post to rest in our Science section.
Now Lipstick usage can make you sick, reports NY Times Now Lipstick usage can make you sick, reports NY Times Reviewed by Ank Arya on 03:50:00 Rating: 5
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