Everything you should know about Google’s DeepMind division for Artificial Intelligence

As well known to us, the major search engine giant Google is lot more than a search engine. Till now, we have been presented with different mind-blowing technologies by Google such as Google Mail, Blogger, Google Sites, Maps, Google Drive and Google Plus. But did you know what is Google DeepMind? Please continue reading as that is what we will be talking about in this article.
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Let’s start with a basic yet necessary list of three good queries we will be exploring about:

  • ·      What is DeepMind?

  • ·      What do they do at Google DeepMind division?

  • ·      How is it useful to Google and the World?


DeepMind is a dedicated division for Artificial Intelligence, that was acquired by Google in 2014 for about $500 Million and is presently owned by Google under its Parent Alphabet Inc.
DeepMind was actually founded by Demis Hassabis, Shane Legg and Mustafa Suleyman.

“Solve Intelligence” as they state in blue on the DeepMind website.


DeepMind works on developing better algorithms for machine learning or automatic learning. More than a hundred researchers work on DeepMind labs to develop AI that is highly capable of multitasking as well as decision making.

Let’s understand their goal by reading the below statement from their official website,

“We founded DeepMind to solve intelligence and use it to make the world a better place by developing technologies that help address some of society's toughest challenges.”


Google also works to implement the new DeepMind algorithms to improve its other products.

So far, as it is known to us, their technology and algorithms have been used by Google for better image recognition. Photographic suggestions while searching for people and things ‘as we type’ also used algorithms developed at DeepMind.

With the implementation of DeepMind, the photo suggestions are displayed after automatically making connections between people. That means, you may or may not have put these photos together at one place or with one tag, but their advanced algorithm decide it for itself on the go.

DeepMind had earlier developed smart AI that had it learned how to play the classic Atari video games itself in which it reached levels human players may not match. So far, it has been successful in beating human champions in mind games. 

Google DeepMind logo (http://topicswhatsoever.blogspot.com/)

DeepMind founder Suleyman says, “These are systems that learn automatically. They’re not pre-programmed, they’re not handcrafted features. We try to provide a large set of raw information to our algorithms as possible so that the systems themselves can learn the very best representations in order to use those for action or classification or predictions.”  

So in layman terms, we may understand that DeepMind works on developing AIs that are smart, self learning, intelligent and better than ever.

# DeepMind Health

This is another sub-division where DeepMind aims to develop artificial intelligence to support the medical field. It works on developing scalable technologies that could be beneficial to both clinicians and their patients.

As quoted by them,

“the National Health Service is hugely important to our team. The NHS helped bring many of us into the world, and has looked after our loved ones when they've most needed help. We want to see the NHS thrive.”


“It was clear to us that we should focus on healthcare because it’s an area where we believe we can make a real difference to people’s lives across the world.”

Their healthcare projects like AKI and Hark are still under development and we can expect them to be of huge help in the medical field in the near future.

If you are interested to read the latest stuff going on DeepMind projects, please remain updated with the official website of DeepMind.

You can also look into and experiment with their open-source projects at GitHub/DeepMind
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