Are you safe on shared WiFi internet connection? Know how you can be!

Are you safe on shared WiFi internet connection? Know how you can be!

So you use a WiFi connection to connect your Computer, Tablet or Smartphones to the internet? While using WiFi connectivty for Internet, we need to take extra smart care and security.

Wifi Safety, Internet Safety and Security

Well, we all know why is it necessary: So that someone else may not use for connection and data you had paid for. Moreover, it has many additional risks as we may never know when a breacher may use our WiFi (and obviously our IP address) to do illegal activities beneath our nose. The signals of our office or homely WiFi network may easily go outside the building. In that case, anyone having a WiFi enabled Smartphone or Laptop may use our WiFi connection if we have a weak security.

In this article, we just thought of sharing some basic but very useful and strong tips to secure our WiFi connection from strangers and outsiders.

* Basically, the WiFi routers do not come with WPA or WEP encryption enabled. If you have not enabled this encryption, this is the time.

* Change the Default Administrator password and username to the one of your choice. Many of the WiFi password hacking apps come with a library default passwords of most routers, which can make it even easier for the outsider to break your security. 

How to secure Wifi

* Make your password H@rD2cR@©kk (Hard to Crack). Always use a password that is hard to be guessed and make it alphanumeric. Many WiFi hacking apps are capable of knowing your password when it is written in just simple abc form, while an alphanumeric password may take longer to be known and is nearly impossible to be known. So mind it.

* You can ensure your safety by keep changing your SSID within a few days or month. It may not help you completely but can at least get you away from an outsider who is targeting your WiFi but doesn't know your MAC address.

* Connections to unknown devices can be prevented with the use of MAC filtering feature.

* You can even use Firewall on your routers and all other devices. 

* You can make a clever move by locating your router at such place from where the signal may not penetrate your own building.

Wifi Safety - Turn Off the WiFi Routers when not in use

* Always turn off your routers when you do not need it. 

So these are some simply useful tips which can help us create a wall between our WiFi and the strange, unknown users/devices. So the next time when we hear about a hack scam in news or feel a sudden drop in our bandwidth, we know we are safe and none other than the owner (you) is stealing our bandwidth or WiFi internet

Are you safe on shared WiFi internet connection? Know how you can be! Are you safe on shared WiFi internet connection? Know how you can be! Reviewed by Ank Arya on 01:16:00 Rating: 5
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