When Betty and Barney got abducted by Aliens

Back in 1961, on September 19, at around 10:30 pm, the married couple were returning home from vacation in Niagara Falls and Montreal, Canada when the unexplained happened. After reaching home, they realized that a time span of approximately 2 hours was missing from their lives. Both Betty and Barney Hill were unable to recall where these hours had gone or what they did during this time.

Betty and Barney Hill were an American interracial couple who lived in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Abduction by aliens (http://thealientheories.blogspot.com)When the incident happened, the 'Hills' were unable to understand what had happened with them or perhaps the time. Being detailed in their reports, the Hills had have sighting of a bright point of light in the sky which Betty thought a falling star. Soon they realized that the supposedly 'star' was able to move upwards and change its direction of movements being bigger and brighter (Usually, things look like getting bigger in size as they come nearer to us). Using her binoculars, Betty even observed a craft-like body which was flashing different colors of lights. Betty, as informed by her sister about flying saucer sightings, thought it could be a UFO, while Barney thought it a commercial aircraft. Soon the two realized that the craft is heading towards their direction, and decided to get back to the car and continued driving.

The missing time and 35 miles in a blink of eyes

The unexplained was when they arrived home and realized that nearly 2 hours time was what they were unable to recall what had happened. The leather strap of binoculars was torn, his shoes too were strangely scrapped and the strange was they couldn't recall how it had happened. More strange was that they had crossed around 35 miles of distance in a couple of minutes, which was of course impossible and hard to believe. All they remembered was they were frightened by a strangely and erratically moving craft or UFO.

Alien abduction (http://thealientheories.blogspot.com)

The story got its first validation as both of them had suffered the loss of time at the same time and they had not taken any drug or alcohol on that day.

Confirmation of UFO arrival

Alien abduction (http://thealientheories.blogspot.com)

The two were tired and went to the bed and contacted Please Air Force Base the next morning, telling about the incident happened with them. The UFO or Unidentified craft was also observed by
the Air Force's radar, as confirmed by Major Paul W. Henderson.

Past Regression sessions and unlocking the lost memories

Taking the help of writers, the two managed a time chart of the happening on that unusual day. It was pretty sure that the two hours time was missing. The couple decided to meet Dr. Benjamin Simon, a well-known psychiatrist and neurologist based in Boston. By the suggestion Benjamin Simon, the two agreed for Regressive Hypnosis session. In simpler words, Regressive Hypnosis is a treatment to recall past events happened with a patient which he/she had forgotten.

An artistic image of UFO and Alien abduction (http://thealientheories.blogspot.com)For the first time, the curtains from the unsolved, unexplained incident were to be removed. The regression treatment was carried on for around six months and the Simon concluded that the two had been abducted by strange looking creatures and were even taken to an Unknown craft.

The controversial treatment, had unlocked new doors of mystery for Betty and Barney. As recalled during the regression sessions, the UFO had landed on the road and the humanoid creatures came out and took the Hill couple to their craft (the UFO!), where a number of scientific tests were done on Betty and Barney. The aliens had even hypnotized the two to not to disclose the incident with anyone.

Description of the Aliens (The Kidnappers?)

The Hills described the Alien Abductors as grey alien beings with large opened eyes and small mouths. All these were around 5 foot tall with large pear-shaped heads with no hairs on skin at all. Needed not to mention, this is the ideal description of the grey aliens who have been visiting to the Earth since a long ago and similar claims for greys have been recorded from several people around the globe.

Grey alien photo (http://thealientheories.blogspot.com)
The "Grey aliens" performed a variety of physical and mental experiments on Betty and Barney Hill during which the samples of their hairs, skin and nails etc were taken. Betty was undergone gynecological testing while Barney disclosed that his sperm samples were taken by the greys.

Artist's impression on physical experiments by Aliens (http://thealientheories.blogspot.com)

The Hills abduction story is unique and controversial as this was one of the many alien abduction stories of 1960s that were largely spread by the press and media.

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