Charles L. Moody (Segeant Moody’s) alien abduction story

As we shared in the previous true abduction story of Betty and Barney Hill, we are here to share another true story/claim of an Air Force Sergeant Charles L. Moody. Let’s move to the more detailed information on the story.


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This amazing abductioncase took place on August 13, 1975 in the midnight when Air Force Sergeant Charles L. Moody was out of the car in the deserts of Alamogordo to see a meteor shower. Soon he observed that what he was seeing was a metallic, saucer-like object which was glowing as if there were “lights” around it. It was about 90 metres above in the sky and looked like huge 50 feet long craft to Sergeant Moody. Moody was just trying to recognize what it was when the strange craft suddenly started moving towards him which made Moody run away and escape from there.

Encounter with the Unidentified Object/Craft

Frightened Moody when anyhow reached his car, he was unable to start the engine after multiple efforts. He then observed that the UFO coming to him has stopped in the mid-air at some distance from him. He was only able to hear a strange sound of an engine which was not of his car. 

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Next thing he saw was some human-like beings in the UFO. Moody felt a little dizziness as the strange sound stopped coming into his ears. After this, the unidentified craftmoved away and headed back towards the sky.

The Missing Time

Moody was a bit disturbed and was unable to understand what had just happened right there. But, had he also missed something else during this period? Soon he came to know, a time span of approximately 1.5 hours was missing from his memory. The clocks were showing the time as 3:00 AM of the midnight which was almost half an hour more than what it should have been.

Severe pain after UFO encounter

What was it? What was wrong with the time? Were they aliens? Sergeant had no answers to the many question rising up in his mind. Apart from that, he had started suffering from severe pain in his body and lower back. His condition went even worse within a few days. The amazed and suffering Moody decided to meet a physician telling him everything that he had gone through, from whom he was suggested to take self-hypnosis sessions to recall exactly what had happened that midnight.

Self hypnosis revealed alien interference

After a couple of days, Sergeant Moody was able to recall some of the blurred memories he had gone through on that midnight. He recalled, just after the strange sound had stopped that midnight, he had became partially drowsy. Later, two humanoid creatures in skin tight suits and about 6 feet tall were standing before him. Next thing he could memorize was he was lying on a table inside the craft.

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He was completely paralyzed and unable to move a bit and another alien of about a 5 year old kid’s height was standing next to him. The appearance of the shorter one was quite similar to the description of aliens found in several other abduction cases, it goes like think lips, small ears, small nose and big round eyes.

The secret message and telepathic communication

As he says, the shorter alien in the ship was able to establish telepathic connection with Moody. Moody, being surrounded by strange looking creatures was afraid enough resist and escape from there. This was the time when the alien with less height talked to him telepathically, asking him to cooperate with them. The round-eyed creature freed Sergeant from the paralysis by touching with back with a rod-like device. Afterwards, the alien made Moody see their drive unit and also told that a larger-ship is waiting for them above the Earth and their next communication with the Earthians will be established after twenty or more years.

Alien abduction ( made him forget everything

The round-eyed leader of the aliens also told him that he will be made to forget all the incidents happened with him inside the UFO and will not be able to recall it for several weeks, after which he was again made unconscious.

Validation for Moody’s abduction claim

Unlike Moody’s non-matching answers about the distance between him and the UFO, Charles McQuiston, the inventor of the Psychological Stress Evaluator studied and examined Moody’s case and concluded the truthfulness of Sergeant Charles L. Moody about his abduction claim.
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