What makes your blog uninteresting to readers?

Have you ever wondered
why your professionally designed blog is not grabbing attention of readers?
 In blogging, only content and search engine
optimization does not help you completely. There are many established blogs
which encounter a sudden downfall in daily visitors of their blog even when it
is being updated regularly.
 In this article, we will
know how other factors influence our blog and play an important role in
increasing and decreasing our readers count.

Below are some most
common mistakes that bloggers should avoid in their blogs.

  • Too less content-

Blogs having very less
content are usually not considered valuable by readers as well as search
engines. Even if search engines value your content, the readers coming to your
blog should be having something to read and spend time with your blog. Think from
reader’s point of view. Would you like to re-visit a blog which updates too
less or uninteresting subjects?

The solution to this
problem is in being a proficient writer. To be a proficient writer you should
develop the art of weaving the information into content interestingly such that
your content reaches the required word limit without making the content
unattractive or boring to the readers.

  • Copied content-

There is a myth in
blogosphere that a blog can be established and accepted for search engine
inclusions and high paying ad programs like Google AdSense by copying and
pasting the articles from famous article directories, but in fact, it is just
like infecting your blog and giving it a stamp of copycat. Such blogs are not
liked by search engines and are often omitted from search result mentioning the
copied content. Original content should be updated to get you blog noticed by

  • Too many ads-

Most of the bloggers use
to place ads twice or thrice between the content to increase the chances of it
being clicked by a visitor. But, it is not considered a good practice. More
than one ad box should be avoided in short articles. Remember, the readers are
visiting your blog for valuable content and too many ads may upset them anytime.

The size, color and
placement of ads should be decided carefully or it makes your blog look

  • Flash content and color selection-

Blogs with a high
percentage of flash content doubles the loading time. Also, the color schemes
used in a blog should not divert the readers from the content. Make your
content readable by choosing the right background color with respect to the
text of your blog. A simple and clean blog with just black colored text on
white background can also attract your visitors to read your content. Remember,
it is not the design of your blog but the content what they are looking for.

  • Too many in-text ads and links-

Having too many in-text
ads or outbound links is not also fruitful. A high percentage of in-text ads
distract the contact between the reader and the content. Remember, you blog is
not Wikipedia to redirect every word into a new page. Think your blog as a
library, and let the readers read for what they have come to your blog.

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