How to remove Blogger’s Navbar

blogs by default have Navbar widget installed on the top of every blog. Navbar
provides the blog owner as well as its readers to easily navigate to the next
random blog on Blogger and the links to sign in/out, re-design the blog or
update a new post on the blog at handy.

While this feature may be useful for both readers and blog
owner, it comes in the way of giving your blog a professional look. By default,
every blog that is hosted on Blogger has a Navbar which cannot be removed from
the Layout settings of the blog. However, we can follow 5 easy steps to remove the Blogger’s Navbar from your blog
as mentioned below.

Step 1:
Sign in to Blogger.

Step 2: On
the Blogger Dashboard, click on respected blog you want to remove the Navbar

Step 3: On the
right side bar, click on the Design tab and followed by clicking on Edit HTML
button as shown in the screenshot.

(It open us the HTML code of the blog’s template)

Step 4: Use the combination key
‘Ctrl+F’ on your keyboard and search for the following line:


                ..In the HTML code and
copy/paste the following code right after the above code separated with a space:



Step 5:
Save your Template by clicking on ‘Save template’ button above the HTML code

Congrats! You are done. The
Navbar will no longer be visible on your blog after following these easy steps.
You may give it a try yourself and comment your success story or any related
queries in the comments below. 

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