Female brain versus Male brain

The performance of brain in female is better than that of males; however, the size of brain in human females is much smaller than brain of a human male. A recent research done by universities of Los Angeles has brought up these results about human brains.

Scientifically, the brain of females is 8 times smaller than that brain of males. Traver Robins, the professor of Neuroscience in Cambridge University supports the results of this research. The smaller size of brain in females is a sign of a better packaging of neurons in their brains, says Robins. The close and better packaging of neurons makes the brain work more efficiently than males.

“A human brain has nearly 100 billion and more neurons which make the information flow throughout the brain using chemical and electrical signals.”

This new revelation of human female’s brain is a call that females are nevertheless than males and are capable of doing much more than what males can do at mental level. So, all the human males are warned, do not underestimate the intelligence and mental power of females! J
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