Space-diving suit to swim in the vacuum of the Space

An advanced space-suit is being developed for the space diving adventurers which will change the whole experience of jumping from high altitude of outer space into the Earth’s atmosphere. This futuristic space-suit will let the astronauts float in the space vacuum and bear the searing heat while entering into Earth’s atmosphere without the spaceship.

Juxtopia LLC and Solar System Express of Baltimore Maryland are working together on the RL MARK VI Space diving suit program which will provide the future space travelers the ability to reach at the Earth alive after jumping from Earth’s orbit in case of emergency or thrilling adventurous experiences. At present, it sounds as fictional as the superheroes of fictional movies and comics who are capable of flying from Earth to space in their super heroic costumes and energy balls.

The space-suit offers a safe and pin-point landing of space travelers and space diving adventurers to the ground.

According to the news,  the space divers will be able to receive all the vital information before their eyes using Juxtopia’s augmented reality goggles that will help them successfully navigate their way back to the surface of the planet. Solar System Express’s pair of gyroscopic boots will help the jumper to land safely after going through the upper atmosphere into the thick airy atmosphere using the aerodynamic control.

Juxtopia LLC and Solar System Express have planned to test their model using the traditional parachute jumps from varied heights.

The RL MARK VI space diving model is expected to be available in 2016.
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