10 easy tips to drive more traffic to your blog/website


The blogging society of
bloggers around the world is spreading as vast as 150 million and increasing.
You don’t know who your competitors are but you may probably wonder how many
can they be and will. Are you ready with your blog to survive in this
tough competition? Maybe you are, but recalling the
most important things that should be practiced is never a wrong idea. In this
article, I am sharing a few basic and must follow tips to attract huge
 to your blogs/websites.

10. Write good, write regular

Two of the main reasons
for which a blog should be updated regularly are; getting
regularity in the eyes of search engines and being serving to
your readers who may come to your blog more than once. You must be aware that
regularly updating blog/website has greater chances of being noticed by search
 like GoogleBing etc. Smart readers are often looking
for the hot dishes of articles and information rather than looking for a day,
month or year old information and they may visit your blog only if it has been
updated regularly. Moreover, who would like to come to blog again and again if
it is having the same read content for so long? A daily updated blog may create
curiosity and interest in readers
 to come and check what new is being
posted so frequently.

9. Welcome comments, ideas and suggestions from readers

Whenever you get a new
comment on your blog, a few possibilities why a comment was posted are; Appreciation,
suggestion, thought sharing, judgments and promotion
. Whatever be the
reason, invite healthy comments and commentators and welcome their
appreciation, suggestion and criticism as well. Do talks with
them ask how you can help them, or what topics will they want you to cover in
next articles. I know you are pretty good in socializing with people, and may
be having various ideas on how to use comments in socializing with your readers.

8. Show recent posts and popular posts at homepage or the sidebar

It is another necessary
step towards increasing interest and curiosity in readers. When they visit your
blog and find some other links of
interests, it is likely that they may decide to check one of all of these

Sometimes, your
wonderful blog is missed by good readers because they are unknown of what your
blog is all about. Adding a popular post or a recent/latest post’s
list may give that better idea that your blog too has great and quality
information in it. Some readers may even decide to subscribe or share your

7. Submit your blog to search engines

Most of the search
engines provide a facility to add URLs or
your blog/website to the database. Though it does not guarantee that your blog
will be added to these search engines and you will get place in top 10 search
results, but it at least have chance that your blog (if not included) may be
included to their database and thus have possibility to be placed in top 10
while re-calculating the quality content of websites and weblogs.

6. Add RSS Feed

Set up an RSS feed button to let your readers know when new
blogs are being posted.

Blogger and WordPress blogs come
with enough add-ons to set up an RSS feed and its button on your blog.

5. Images are not just anything

Images are not just
anything; these not only plays a major role in creating interest in
your readers’ minds but also help in getting into search engine’s image
results. You must have searched a thousand time or more after choosing an ‘image
’ option in search engines like Googe, Yahoo or Bing. This is how
images can help in boosting great traffic to your blog.

4. Comment on similar blogs/websites

Commenting is considered
as a great tool to drive visitors to your blog. Not only you should respond to
comments being done on your blog, you should also read other blogs within the
same niche or field which your blog belongs to. Be honest and nice to other
bloggers, appreciate them, ask them help or suggestions and even leave a non-spammy
link back to your blog in the comments. It is not about buttering, but being
nice and justified to other blogs.

When you leave a link of
your blog after your comment, it has chances that these bloggers may visit your
blogs out of curiosity and become your regular readers. Sometimes, they come to
your blog in order to leave a comment with link to their blog to make it a two-way
 which really helps in SEO of your blog.

3. Back linking is important

If you already know
about back
, you must have heard a popular saying that quality of back
links matters more than the quantity of back links to your blog/website. And
this is absolutely correct. But, having quantity of back links is never so
wrong. Instead, the more link backs you will have more can be the manual
traffic to your blog. As far as I have researched, search engines do
not penalize every blog or website
 that have numerous back links but
such blogs/sites which have no relevant back links or back links from sites
which have a bad reputation/image in the eyes of Google and
other search engines. So, I advice every blogger to make as many links as you
can by taking a little care with what and whom you are linking to. Search
engines notice these links and take it as a validation or verification of your
blog/site being trustworthy and thus increases your chances to
come in top 10 or 20 search results many times. Not only this, but when you
link (one sided) your blog with other blogs, it is likely that the blog owners
may come to check your blog too and they may even link to your blog making it a
complete link back. Moreover, if your blog is attractive and interesting
enough, they may even become your regular readers.

2. Avoid paid linking or paid traffic

Google and other major
search engines do not take it as a good practice and penalizes such
sites which make use of such tactics. Google simply walks with the policy of write
good, get ranked well

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1. Internal back linking within your blog

It is also counted that
how well-written, quality content you have on your blog and how many internal
back links
 do you put in your posts. Internal back linking simply
means to mention clickable links to the posts from the same
blog. It should neither be done less nor more.

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These were a few tips
from my side; you must be having many of your own. Please don't keep it a
secret and share a few of your blogging and traffic driving techniques in

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