Know how to write your first blog post in a blog


I always wanted to have a blog corner where I can learn,
practice and share on blogging. But, my busy schedule and studies never let me
have one. Here, I am taking this opportunity to write my first post to a blog which is supposed to be all about blogging.

Know how to write your first blog post in a blog. (BlogShrill)

While starting, my very first challenge was to decide what to write on my first post. Then, I decided to do some research on the same over the Web and found a very common mistake among various posts. So, I thought why not to write my first post on 'writing' itself.

Here are some basic tips that should always be kept in mind
while writing a blog post-

  • Be honest with yourself and whatever you write in your blog
    The most unique thing in your blog should be your language and way of
    writing. Remember, you are not a robot who has been programmed to write either
    in active or passive voice. Being a human, you are always free to write in your
    own style and flow.
  • Be nice and respectful to your readers. First of all, you
    need to think from a reader’s set of mind. Would you like to read a post where
    the author’s words seem to be rude and limited to the information he/she is
    sharing? For me, it’s a No. As a writer, we should always try to put efforts in
    order to make our posts more interesting.
  • If you are not perfect in English Writing skills, then you
    need not to be afraid of writing.
    Just remember, “Nobody is perfect in this
    immortal world”. The easiest way to come out of your fear is to fight and
    conquer it, hence, I would recommend you to write even more. If you will keep
    worrying on your grammatical errors, when will you get time to think about the
    topic of your post?
Now, I would to talk about an ideal article. Following are
the main requirements of an ideal article:
  • It is always recommended to add an introduction, before you start writing an article. An introduction
    simply contains a short description about what are you writing.
  • An ideal article should have an easy initialization, just like you order a starter while being in a restaurant. You initialization paragraph should be informative, but should not reveal everything that is inside your
  • Then one or more paragraphs should be written as a part of main body of your article. Here, you
    are free to be brief about your field and topic.
  • A proper conclusion,
    or ending paragraph to your article.
  • If you have something special to share on the topic of your
    article, then it should be said either in middle or ending paragraphs.
A friendly advice for you- "Write right from your heart!". That is the key requirement to
write good and brief on your niche. And this way, you may write and explore your first post in your blog.

(Please feel free to add queries, suggestions and ideas on writing your first post on a blog/website in comments)

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