How to make Blogger (blogspot) blog more SEO-friendly using META tags (description and keywords)


Do you know, why your blogs are never ranked well by Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines? Is your quality content going in waste due to least readers in your blog? Today, I am going to share a strong remedy on how to make your blogger blog more searchable and search engine optimized, using META tags and META descriptions.

How to: make Blogger (blogspot) blog more SEO-friendly using META tags/description/keywords. (BlogShrill)

What are META tags?

META tag refers to such tags which hold complete information on what your blog or website is all about. META tags are like the communication medium between your blog/website and the search engines. If your blog has META tags enabled with updated and correct information of your blog’s niche, you are having a more search engine optimized blog. Meta tags are considered a very important factor in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Blogs with proper meta tags are indexed more accurately by Search Engines.

Meta tags have two main inclusions; these are Meta description and Meta keywords. Meta description is used to describe your blog/site (what it has inside it) while Meta keywords include all the keywords that are there in your content’s text. (We may add Meta tags for our blog, as well as for each and every post in a blog separately).

Blogger blogs are not configured for meta tags by default, hence we need to do it by on our own by doing little modification in the template of our blog.

Please follow these simple steps to add meta tags into your
Blogspot (blogger) blog’s template:

  • Go to you blogger’s dashboard by visiting
    (We are supposing you are already there).

  • Now, Go to “Template” , followed by “Edit HTML” from
    your blog’s dashboard.

  • Use ‘Ctrl+F’ key combination, and search for this tag:
<b:include data=’blog’name=’all-head-content’/>
  • Now, add the following code just below the above
    mentioned code:
<meta content=’write a description about of
your blog here
your blog here’ name=’description’/>

<meta content=’write the keywords from your
blog’s content here by separating each with a comma
blog’s content here by separating each with a comma’ name=’keywords’/>
<meta content=’write the name of the
author(s) of your blog
author(s) of your blog’ name=’author’/>

  • Now, simply save your edited template by clicking ‘Save
    ’ button once and you are done!


You have successfully optimized your blog by using meta tags. Now, whenever someone searches for the keywords you have entered in ‘meta keywords’, the search engines will automatically index your blog and blog posts for search results. This is how your blog is said to be optimized for search engines, by doing half of the work of search engines by yourself. Remember, we should not include non-matching or repeated keywords or false descriptions in the meta tags. Doing so, may result you blog marked as a spam by search engines. Be honest and accurate and get benefited with this cool SEO-trick.
How to make Blogger (blogspot) blog more SEO-friendly using META tags (description and keywords) How to make Blogger (blogspot) blog more SEO-friendly using META tags (description and keywords) Reviewed by Ank Arya on 07:47:00 Rating: 5
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