5 tips to increase/improve page rank of blogs and websites


Is your blog/website suffering from no traffic and low page rank problems? Is your hard work in writing and posting going in vain? This article explains how to increase page rank of blog/website along and making it more search engine optimized.

What is Page rank?

5 tips/ways to improve Page Rank of Blog/Website. (BlogShrill)

Page rank refers to the priority of our blogs and websites to come in top results of search engines like Google, Yahoo etc. The page rank of a blog/website is decided automatically by search engines on the basis of the content, quality of content, number of back links to your blog/website, search engine optimization etc.

As a large number of websites and blogs are working continuously to get their blogs/websites ranked better by Google etc, we need to keep running in the race for being the first.

Here are five points that may really help us to keep the page rank of blog up:

  • Write quality content and ‘be regular’ to your blog/website

It refers to unique content, which should be written in proper English. One should try to write either in active or passive voice. An active voice is ‘I am writing a post on increase page rank of blogs’ and a passive voice will be ‘This post on increasing page rank of blog has been written by me’. To keep our text alive and attractive, we should avoid mixing active and passive voices together; instead we should write our content in any one of the two voices. Also, each post written by us should be of minimum 300-400 words and maximum 800-900 words or even more.

  • Exchange links with other sites

By exchanging links with other blogs and website, you are actually driving real traffic/readers from one website to another, which is yours. Also, search engines take it as a validation criteria and ranks you better, taking you as more loyal (by seeing your website’s link on other websites. Though, the actual working of a search engine is hard to be found, but some recent tests say that a large number of link exchanging is also marked as a negative by search engines, so if we are exchanging out links, we should always do some inquiry about the site with which we are exchanging our links (completely avoiding pornography and vulgar websites) and maintain the number of link exchanges at least.

  • Guest posting

It is another working method of drawing attention of readers of other sites on your blog posts and so to your blog, ending up making it popular. There are many websites on the Internet that allows guest blogging and the permission to put one of more back links between the text in the post.

  • Back links from forums and comments

Obviously, our first goal is to write good content and concentrate over the subject we are writing on. But making our blog notified and read by someone is really another most important step. Back links simply refers to putting our blog/website’s url in forums or comments in other sites, which is checked in with curiosity by the ones who read it therein. Some bloggers and website owners change their settings in order to deactivate the main advantage of back links, while most of blogs do not have any blockage for back links in comments. So, give your time reading other blogs of niches similar to your own blog, and do comments there with a link to your blog.

Note: Do not start spamming anywhere in comments section by just typing out your link and saying goodbye! Take some time to read what they have written and appreciate their work or give your honest views on their content and then place a clickable link in the last. Nowadays, we have options to write our blog/website URLs in the place of our name (commentator's name) itself.

  • Search engine optimization of blog/website

Have you ever noticed that why only some selected sites are visible in Google/Yahoo’s top 10 search results? Why not other websites? It is just because these top 10 websites have a lot of quality content and these are properly optimized to be search engine friendly. Other sites that are ranked lower by search engines may also quality content but they do not acquire good place in search results as they either lack search engine optimization or they just do over optimization in their website, that results into partial or complete ignorance by search engines.

A page is said as well-optimized when it becomes search engine-friendly. Though, we are writing for our readers and we should not compromise with our text to write it for search engines. But, we can’t deny that search engines are the main and biggest sources that can boost our blog/website with traffic, if our website and webpage are perfectly optimized. So, I suggest everyone including myself to write for our readers at first and then look at the text if it can be modified a bit to be search engine friendly. All that is needed is to write in proper English and using keywords in the content in proper ratio.

(If you have more to add in this post or to share your experience on how to improve page ranks of blog/websites, then please leave a comment for sure.)

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