Pronouns: Definition, Types and Examples of Pronoun

What is Pronoun?

Definition of Pronouns

Pronouns are usually those words which replaces noun words in a sentence to make it less repetitive. Pronouns replaces another pronoun words too.

For example-
'Ram goes to the school, Ram studies different subjects in the school'
can be written as
'Ram goes to the school, he studies different subject there'.
[Here, the underlined word 'he' is a pronoun word which is used in the place of Ram to make the sentence less repetitive]

Types of Pronouns

1. Personal Pronouns - Personal pronouns are such pronouns words that are used to indicate a specific person, gender, number, or case.

  • Types of Personal pronouns: 1) Subjective Personal Pronouns, 2) Objective Personal Pronouns, and 3) Possessive Personal Pronouns.
  • Example- I was doing my homework, the moment you rang me on my cell-phone.

2. Demonstrative Pronouns - Such pronouns which are used to point to a noun or pronoun to demonstrate.

  • Example- This is the same book that I had lost yesterday.

3.  Interrogative Pronouns - Interrogative pronouns are such pronouns that are used to ask questions.

(Some interrogative pronouns are: what, where, when, which, who/whom, whos etc).

  • Example- Whose pen is this?, What is your favorite color? etc.

4. Relative Pronouns - Relative pronouns are such pronoun words, which are used to link two phrases or clause with each-other.

(Some relative pronouns are: what, when, which, who, whom etc).
  • Example- I live in the same place, where Ram lives with his family.

5. Indefinite Pronouns - Indefinite pronouns refer to something which is not definite/specific or exact.

(Some indefinite pronouns are: any, anyone, no one, nobody, each, every, everyone, everybody, some, something, someone, few, more, several, many, all, another etc).
  • Example- I don't have any topic for today's discussion.

6. Reflexive Pronouns - Reflexive pronouns are used to refer back to the subject in the sentence or clause.

(Some reflexive pronouns are: myself, yourself, himself, herself, ourselves, yourselves, itself, themselves etc).
  • Example- Ram often does his work himself, so that his elder brother can get more to study his own subjects.

7. Intensive Pronouns - Intensive pronouns are pronouns that serves to emphasize its antecedent.

  • Example- I myself had visited to that hotel to check what facilities they provide to their guests.
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