10 blogging tips for blogging beginners

Starting to blog doesn't seem as easy as creating one? Are
you also feeling trouble for what to blog? Believe me; it can be as simple as
eating and walking! Good thing is most of the bloggers go through similar
phases in the beginning. Here, I am sharing a few tips on providing your blog a
backbone since the very first posts you do on your blog.

10 blogging tips for blogging beginners (BlogShrill.blogspot.com)

Did you decide your blog’s niche?

Niche refers to the field of your blog on which you are going to update your
blog. It may be a science blog, a technology blog, a musical or a
sportsperson’s blog. It is always advisable to not to post anything and
everything on the same blog. Your posts should be related to the field on which
your blog is all about. Although you can, but no one expects cold drink in a
coffee mug! Similarly, neither search engines nor readers pay attention to new
blogs with no exact content on the same field.

For example, if your blog is a sports blog, you should stick to sports news as
well as sportsmen/women’s career databases and achievements. Anything that is
related to your blog’s field is important to you. Grab it.

Target your readers

When you are writing for sharing, it should be dedicated to
those who are going to read it. It remains better to predict who will be the
target for your blog posts, teenagers, adults (mature) or both? If your blog is
targeted on kids and teenagers, then you may also do some designing work to
make your blog look livelier. And if it is targeted to adults or elderly
people, you should avoid using too bright colors. They may confuse to whom the
blog is dedicated to.

If your blog is for readers of any age-group, you may try to
write and update taking both in mind. You may put some light humor between your
writing, which may get good attention of elderly readers and teenagers as well.
Similarly the way of your writing may change if you write for professionals or
anyone else.

Research before you write

It remains always better to know more than what you are
sharing on your blog. When your readers ask anything about the post, you may
explain better only when you will be having enough knowledge in that field.
Also, researching helps us confirming the correctness of the information we are
going to share in your blogs.

Get article ideas from latest news and article directory

The most important aspect in blogging is having ideas for
next posts. Even experienced bloggers face the trouble to decide an interesting
topic for their next article. So, the beginners who are going to face such
troubles should not step backwards. Keep yourself updated with the latest news
about the field you blog belongs to. For example, if it is a science blog, you
may watch a science news channel or newspapers. We need not to copy their news
to our blogs, but at least we may get one or many ideas related to the news
which are on heat currently, hence we can pen them down in our own efforts,
knowledge, research and style of writing. Similarly, beginners may also use
article sharing sites like Ezine articles, but one should not copy/paste those
articles to his/her blog. You are going to read those articles for getting
ideas for writing only.

Tell your readers who you are

Although it is not exactly for what visitors come to you
blog, but you should introduce them with the author of your blog and how much
efforts you make to present any information before them. Tell them who you are,
what are your hobbies, why do you write blogs, your educational qualification
or anything in short. You may also ask your readers to join you on your
social media account to get in touch.

Update regularly; turn your blog into a magnet

It is important to remain and readily posting to your blog
from time to time. Some blogs are updated even 12 to 20 times in ‘a day’. To
get recognition for your blog, you need to work really hard and post at least
once in a week. If your readers are wishing to check more posts on your blog,
posts should be there! And it may only happen if your post them. Blogs that are
not updated for a long time are ignored by readers as well as search engines,
which mean you will have the least chances to appear in top 50 results. So, one
should keep updating his/her blog regularly with nice, well-written and
interesting posts.

Invite; and welcome comments

Comments are a necessary part of every blog and play an
important role in completing a blog’s ultimate goal; reaching its readers. It
helps bloggers to know about what do they lack in their writings and how can it
be improved. It also helps in establishing relations between you and your

Ideas, suggestions, query, criticism or any type of sharing
related to blog’s topic should be invited as well as responded in comments.
Your blog’s success lies in winning the loyalty and trust of your bloggers that
can be done by posting meaningful and quality content and actively
participating in the conversation started in comments.

Be socially active

One of the most important things is to let readers know
about your blog. That is why; your blog should have recognition on popular
social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn etc. Search for
applications that automatically update you latest blog post’s news to your
social media account. Also, do some promotional work from your personal social
media accounts. It should be the next step as you create your blog. Join
bloggers’ online community websites where you can meet with other new and old
bloggers that may help you in improving your blogging and search engine
optimization techniques.

Be yourself

Another thing that should be remembered is to be you. Avoid
taking writing inspiration from other blogs or anywhere, but use your natural
writing style. Writing in proper grammar and qualitative English never mean to
become a robot who always talks in passive voice or what had been feed into its
memory. You are a human and unique in yourself, hence you should keep yourself
alive in your writings. It does not only help in presenting better to your
readers, but also help them know and recognize the author.

Start writing!

As now you have known much on beginning with a blog, you should be offline and
give enough time to come up with meaningful and informative articles. Wake up
the writer inside you and start weaving your knowledge and researched
information in your writings.

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