How to delete/deactivate my Facebook account permanently


Have you ever thought if Facebook accounts can be deleted or not? Before I knew this tricky operation, I used to think that Facebook only provide the option for deactivating the account, and no any easy way to get rid of our Facebook accounts completely. But, now I know how to do it. So, I am writing down my piece of knowledge with all the fellow Facbookers who want to permanently delete their accounts, but are compromising by just deactivation of their accounts, which keep visiting from time to time.

How deactivation is different from deletion of Facebook account?

It is as different as the meanings of two words. Facebook account deactivation makes your account invisible and unsearchable for other Facebook users and search engines as well. The main benefit of deactivation is when you want to get away from Facebook for a certain time and then come back again by re-activating you account. You may activate/deactivate as many times as you want, but Facebook also blocks our access for some days or permanently if we repeat this process too frequently. To delete a Facebook account means that once deleted you will not be able to access the account again ‘ever’.

How to perform Facebook account deletion?

Facebook does not provide any easy link in your timeline settings to delete your account. So, we need to manually go to that page and submit an application/request to Facebook team for the same. To delete the account, please follow these easy steps as mentioned below:

  1. Go to this link:
  2. The above link takes you to a page carrying an ‘account deletion form’, where we need to confirm and verify our deletion again.
  3. Submit the form, and you are done!
Facebook gives you an extending period of 14 days before completely deleting your account/timeline. In case, you will feel an urgency or an urge to open up your account again and have talks with friends, you form submission will be cancelled by Facebook. So, login to your account after submitting the deletion form only when think it is that important to not to delete it. Once, you submit the deletion form and have not logged into Facebook for 14 days, you account will be permanently deleted by Facebook. Now, as you will try to login from the same username and password, it may state the information entered as wrong.

What if I want back my deleted account back?

I recommend you to always download a copy of your account information before deletion, in order to take you account back even after a permanent deletion.

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