Why should Energy Star Appliances be used?

The cost for electric energy is increasing constantly everywhere and we are no millionaire to spend a big part of income paying heavy electricity bills every month. We cannot even think of a life without technology and ease which is not possible without electricity. In this case, choosing star rated electrical appliances may help a lot in saving electricity and thus resulting into lower electricity bills. Let’s continue reading and know why we should use energy star appliances over non-rated appliances.

What are Energy Star appliances?

These are technologically advanced appliances which can be your television, cooler, air conditioner, washing machine or any other appliance that needs electricity to come in action. These star rated appliances do the same task as non-rated appliances but promise to use lesser electricity and hence lowering your bills as well. After the introduction of star rated appliances, the thought of using non-rated appliances is just like buying a product at higher costs that can actually be bought at lower costs as well. It does not only cut the yearly electricity costs but are environment friendly also.

Below are a few points which make star rated appliances different from non-rated ones.

Lesser electricity bills

Energy Star rated products provide us the same ease and performance at lower energy consumption which results to lower energy bills. Although, saving on energy usage may vary with every second house, but still it guarantees 10 to 60 percent reduction in energy usage and bills. If we will look into the yearly electricity usage and its costs in our houses, then we can figure out how much savings we can do by using star rated appliances. Obviously, the energy we save in three rooms of a house can be used for one more room of the same house. Isn’t that a profitable deal? We keep it to you. J

No compromise with performance

When we think of technology, all we want is it should be easy, powerful, convenient and quite closer to magic. Energy Star appliances are made keeping the same point in mind. These are capable of working with same power and performance at lower energy consumption. In terms of kitchen and washing, your star rated mixer-grinder-juicer will work awesomely and washing machines will wash and dry clothes without showing any ill effect of less energy consumption.

Environment friendly

Energy Star rated appliances do not add more to green house gas emissions. Use to these products also decreases our dependence on imported oil, fossil fuel and water consumption. Therefore, energy star appliances are environment-friendly as well.

Costs more than non-rated products

While Energy Star rated products are very helpful in saving on electricity bills, but we need to pay a bit more while purchasing these products. These may cost from 5% to even 50% more than non-rated products. So, these may not be the first choice for customers who are looking for a less costly product or those having a tight budget.
The greater costs paid off while purchasing star rated products can be considered coming back to us in the form of savings on electricity bills. So, these products still profit us after being a bit costlier than those with no energy stars on them.

The presence of star ratings on a product also shows that the company does care for its customers and their electricity costs.

Now, every time you visit an electric/electronics shop, look for the number of stars on every product individually. You may find Energy Star ratings on variety of products such as air conditioners, television, refrigerators, lightings, fan, furnaces and many more.
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